Laser hair removal experience 

Words that describe me: hippie, urban farmer, low-maintenance. Not really the kind of person I would assume would want laser hair removal. But after my kids were born, having stubble on my legs triggered a strange overstimulated reaction. I was being touched like 90% of the time by my kids, and having irritating hair on my legs pushed my senses into overload. So I just quit shaving for like a year and a half. I didn’t love the way it looked but I hated the way stubble felt even more. 

I’d been eyeing laser hair removal on Groupon. One day when they were having a 30% off deal I jumped at it. I’ve had two lower leg treatments and I’m really happy so far. It takes about ten minutes per leg and, to me, doesn’t hurt any worse than professional waxing. But I’ve had two natural births so maybe my pain tolerance is on the high side. Here’s what my legs look like the day it’s done.  

I’m being very careful with sunscreen on my legs this summer as a result of the lasering. After a treatment the hair seems to grow a lot slower, and I think some of the hairs have stopped growing entirely. 

I’m pretty happy with my decision! Hopefully when all six treatments are done I won’t have to shave any more!  


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