Our fifth wheel is here! Picture post

On Thursday this week we took possession of our trailer!  


We put it in an RV park halfway between our current apartment and the land we are in a contract on. Here is our first look at the big guy!


I think we got one of the best spots in the park. This is the view out the front door. There’s a wooden patio, a spot for a grill, and a grassy area shaded by six huge crepe myrtles. 


Our king sized bed!


The sink has these awesome sink covers so that when you’re not using the sink, it becomes one large counter. I discovered the genius of this the first day. Love it. 


We were very glad to get a freestanding table and chairs. They’re cute too! Our couch is right next to the table. 


This was a surprise. We thought this area would be a bench with a bookshelf and small cupboard above. Instead we got a 50″ TV, an electric fireplace and four large cabinets. I think it’s really nice! We will probably pull out the fireplace (hello? It’s summer in Texas. A fireplace is 110% useless). 


Two adorable little helpers on the couch. 


This was another surprise! This is the girls’ room. We thought this area was a bunk on top and a sleeper sofa under. Instead there is a third bed below, which is totally perfect. Emily, who is two, can sleep here instead of us having to move her rather large toddler bed into the space and figure out what to do with an extra sofa. 


Plus, we took the extra mattress off the third bunk and put it on the bunk on the other side, which made it thick enough to attach the bed safety device. Now Ellie can sleep there safely! She LOVES her bunk, too. The child loves caves and tents so this enclosed area is making her little heart so happy. 

We were going to spend a night or two there and then go back to the apartment and pack some more. But once we were out there we decided to just start living there and not go back and forth. 

I love it. I love it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s well designed, but somewhat poorly/cheaply built, so Andrew is already fixing things and improving stuff. I can see us living there for a few years, no problem. 

It’s definitely hard to pare down our belongings, but I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and it’s absolutely living up to its title. Her premise is that everything in your home should make you happy, or spark joy. So, category by category, you go through every one of your belongings and discard everything that does not spark joy. I’ve done clothing, books, and most of the paper. And also the girls’ toys. That was IMMENSELY helpful! Our clothes fit in the tiny closet and tiny drawers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to my kitchen stuff, so I’m trying to go through it as I move, which is kinda stressful. But I’ll get it! 


Laser hair removal experience 

Words that describe me: hippie, urban farmer, low-maintenance. Not really the kind of person I would assume would want laser hair removal. But after my kids were born, having stubble on my legs triggered a strange overstimulated reaction. I was being touched like 90% of the time by my kids, and having irritating hair on my legs pushed my senses into overload. So I just quit shaving for like a year and a half. I didn’t love the way it looked but I hated the way stubble felt even more. 

I’d been eyeing laser hair removal on Groupon. One day when they were having a 30% off deal I jumped at it. I’ve had two lower leg treatments and I’m really happy so far. It takes about ten minutes per leg and, to me, doesn’t hurt any worse than professional waxing. But I’ve had two natural births so maybe my pain tolerance is on the high side. Here’s what my legs look like the day it’s done.  

I’m being very careful with sunscreen on my legs this summer as a result of the lasering. After a treatment the hair seems to grow a lot slower, and I think some of the hairs have stopped growing entirely. 

I’m pretty happy with my decision! Hopefully when all six treatments are done I won’t have to shave any more!