Sometimes I just can’t even

We are still land-less, folks. This is getting frustrating. Last Friday (5/22) we were supposed to close on the Paradise property. On Tuesday we heard from our bank. The appraiser said the land was valued for $25,000 less than we offered. The bank would finance the lesser number, but not more. We asked the seller to come down. He wouldn’t budge a cent. So…we had to give up that land.

Then when looking at the next list of properties our realtor sent us, we realized that the property literally across the street was for sale. Across the street was one 84 acre plot, and one 47 acre plot that was mentioned in the listing as not on the market, but also available for sale. We went and saw them on Thursday. The owners were willing to split the 84 acres, which intrigued us, as 84 acres is too much for us. But the 47 acres was a good-looking piece of land. So we put an offer in on it Thursday evening. On Friday the seller’s realtor informed ours that the seller was out of town for Memorial Day weekend, and would get back to us on Tuesday. Well today they let us know that they got a second offer on Monday and are deciding between the two today. GAH! I just can’t even! What is going on here!?

Being Christians we believe that God has the best for us in mind, but also that Satan is our enemy and would like to steal, kill, and destroy everything good in the world. Thus I’ve been waffling between thinking that this property isn’t God’s best and that He’s keeping us from settling for something, and thinking that Satan is summoning some destructive forces against us to keep us from fulfilling our dream. I have no idea which is true. All I know is I’m waiting on tenterhooks to hear what happens with this acreage today.


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