Dealing with disappointment

We found a perfect piece of land. We loved it. My exact words were “I lovey dovey love it.” We put in an offer, and although the land had been on the market nearly two years, the sellers got another offer at the same time and accepted the other offer. That was quite an unpleasant surprise.

This whole thing relates to something I believe about marriage. You don’t marry your soulmate. I believe you marry someone who fits you pretty well, and then over years and decades of self-sacrificing love, you become each other’s soulmate. I think the same is true of whatever land becomes our farm. We have certain guidelines for the land we will purchase. But it won’t be perfect when we buy it. After years of hard labor, it will probably get better, and look a lot more like our dream land. It definitely won’t start off looking like that though.

So, off we go again to look at a few more properties!

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