Bump in the road

A week ago we saw four houses and narrowed our search to the one. We thought we’d communicated well enough with our Realtor that we wanted her to put together an offer while we sent the wire transfer to pay off our house. We didn’t hear a thing from her all week so I emailed her this morning to remind her about the offer. When she called back it was with bad news. The house was already under contract and the option period (unique to Texas, I learned) expires tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight.

That sure was disappointing news. While the house wasn’t perfect, the property definitely was, and we were looking forward to doing some renovations.

I happened to tell my mom, who happened to tell my dad, who then advised us to put in a backup offer. It completely hadn’t occurred to us to even try doing that. I called our Realtor and she called the listing agent. She found out that the current contract on the house was contingent on the buyer’s house selling, which gives us a competitive advantage in that we have no such contingency.

Now we are waiting on our Realtor to send us some comparable property information so that we can put the offer together. I hope she does so soon. I’m pretty anxious to get it sent in and see what happens.

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