Why do I have all this stuff???

In light of the fact that we hope to be moving soon, I started making lists.

I love lists. Lists get the tangled mess of thoughts out of my head and someplace safe where I can refer to them the next time my brain appears to have taken a vacation.

One of my lists is stuff to take with us and stuff I have no intention of taking with us. Which leads us to the next logical question: What on earth is it doing in my house anyway? For instance: we have this mirror. It was my husband’s and it came in the house when we got married. I am pretty sure it’s been just leaning on the wall ever since. It has no frame, and thus no easy way to hang it. Today our baby scooted over to the mirror and started hitting it, and since it wasn’t fastened to anything, it started to tip onto her head. Thankfully Andrew was right there and caught the mirror. Why is the thing even in my house if it’s 1) not useful and 2) actually dangerous?

I have no idea.

Brace yourself, Goodwill: you are about to get a whole lotta stuff from this household!

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