Holy ship, it’s happening

As I posted yesterday, my husband and I are in the process of having our minds blown by God’s provision.

And, uh, now the reality is sinking in. We want to go see a couple other homes before committing to the one we love, but really, within a week we could be submitting an offer on that home. I kind of want to do that tomorrow because now that we’ve made up our minds, I don’t want anyone else to come along and snatch up the house! (the house that’s been on the market for over six months…not likely. But still)

My mind is ablaze with to-do lists. And I can’t stop looking at pictures of the home. And we have told our kids. The not-quite-one-year-old doesn’t give a hoot. The three year old has the most adorable misconceptions. Last night her daddy was showing her pictures of bunk beds and telling her that in our new house, she will have a new bed. She took that to mean that we were leaving ALL of our stuff here and was worried about various belongings getting left behind. It was so cute. I assured her that we were taking all of our important things with us.

I haven’t moved since I moved in with my husband when we got married, nearly 8 years ago. And I’ve definitely never moved with two kids and a dog. We have a LOT of crap to go through, my word. I need to get started, like, yesterday. But where the heck do I start!? Kids rooms? Maybe the storage closet. I bet I can weed out a lot of crap in there and start packing.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

I’m so excited!

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