Pinterest stain remover: before and afters

Have you seen the pin? The one that promises a stain remover better than…well, everything out there?

I promised myself before I had kids that they’d never wear white. And then, of course, I was given some adorable white clothing. And then I was smart enough to go buy an outfit with a white undershirt. So, pre-kid self: don’t make stupid promises ok? And start learning good stain-removing techniques.

This stain remover is one part Dawn to two parts hydrogen peroxide. Cheap and easy. I actually store it in a peri bottle (come on, you probably have one sitting around!)


I had a bin stacking high with clothing that was stained one way or another. We had to move some furniture from our office into our house and I needed to either get the stains dealt with or get rid of the clothing. After sorting the pile, here are some pieces I decided to keep and try to work on.

This is a super cute cotton knit dress that has a matching cardigan. I think my daughter had eaten an apple while wearing the dress, hence the brown staining. Now, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think of doing this blog post until the stain remover had sat on the dress for a good three days. And in that time, the stain on the ruffle had gotten remarkably lighter. So here is a before-washing-and-after-stain-treatment shot.



This little shirt has a fairly fresh stain. It’s avocado. The baby had been feeding herself and when my husband got her down from the table, he didn’t think to check for dropped food between this undershirt and the super cute jumper that is the top layer. So all through the afternoon, the avocado got super cozy with the shirt and got nicely ground in to the fibers.


Ok, and now the afters. The cotton knit dress fared very, very well. Before I started treating this, I was starting to look into dyeing it, it was so bad. It’s not quite where I want it yet, but far better.





The little undershirt didn’t do as well. All the clothing was still wet when I took these pictures so I promptly rubbed Shout into the stain to try getting it out again.


I will definitely keep this in my arsenal. It’s cheap and easy to keep around. And if you’re like me and get around to doing laundry whenever the baskets are overflowing, it seems like this treatment works better the longer it sits! Lucky you!