First ever post

I made my blog and I didn’t write in my blog because omg, first ever post, better make it a good one! Nothing like pressure to make you…do nothing. 

So hi. I’m a mom of two girls. I married an entrepreneur 7.5 years ago and promised for better or for worse. Right now happens to be one of the for worse times, although most of 2013 was pretty awesome. I love to cook and bake and will probably post a ton of recipes because I am constantly tweaking and maybe someone would like to replicate what I made. I am a California girl who transplanted to Texas 10 years ago and I can’t ever see myself leaving. I even talk like a Texan now. I love to garden and woodwork and crochet and I’m a geek too. I can’t pass up shopping at a thrift store and I hate paying full price for just about anything. 

And now that that’s over with, please see my second-ever post for tonight’s dinner!

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